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Tuba player / Sound engineer

The Music, the Tuba and Me - the story of our long term relationship began when I was just 12. I studied at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest and received my diploma in 1995. As a freelance orchestral musician for two decades, I appeared with all the symphony orchestras in the Budapest area, including the Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian Radio Symphony and the Budapest Opera. I was the principal Tuba Player of the Istanbul Opera in 1993-94. I was also a founding member of the Piston Brass Quintet and member of the Budapest Brass Quintet.

Jazz  tempted and seduced me during my classical studies. My first partner was Joe Fritz,the clarinetist with whom I made my first recordings as well. My first encounter with Sam Pilafian was critical in my development: I was impressed by his amazing skills as jazz tuba player and he was my guide and mentor at the beginning of my jazz career. In the last two decades I have had the opportunity to put my skills to the test with various jazz players and groups around the world. I’m the member of Heavy Tuba and Heavy Tuba Experience ensembles and the young and promising Hét Hat Club group. David Yengibarian, the Armenian accordion virtuoso, is a regular partner as well. I was the first jazz tuba player to have the opportunity to play a live solo jazz concert at the Hungarian Radio in 2001. In 2002 I was the first tuba soloist in the history of the International EBU Jazz Orchestra. Our concert program included my own composition “Don’t Wake Me Up” for tuba solo and big band, which was broadcast live in many European countries.

I tasted the Blues  as a member of the group, Dr.Valter and the Lawbreakers. Later we formed our own group Someday Baby with my fellow guitar player and vocalist Gál Csaba Boogie. I played with blues legends Corey Harris and Sugar Blue, and recently toured with the Hungarian band Mojo Workings and the fantastic blues singer and guitarist Tim Lothar (DK) and Holger "HOBO" Daub (D) harmonica virtuoso.

I opened up to World music  by touring and recording with saxophonist Ágoston Béla and the amazing singer Palya Bea. I also recorded an album with trumpeter Frank London (Klezmatics), with the Odessa Klezmer Band and the Carmina Danubiana.

As well as being a regular guest artist at International Tuba and Euphonium Conferences, I was the president of the Hungarian Trombone and Tuba Association and a founding member of the European Tuba Power ensemble.

I released my first solo CD  in 1998 with György Vukán and the Creative Art Jazz Trio.  It was the first Hungarian jazz recording featuring the tuba as a solo instrument. Since then I've appeared on dozens of CD’s, radio, film and theatre recordings with various ensembles and in various genres.  You can find a selection of my recordings here:

My career as sound engineer started in 1998 when I received my “Tonmeister” diploma at the University of Theatre and Film Studies in Budapest, Hungary. My diploma work was my own solo CD, recorded in the Etnofon Studio, Budapest. Later I became the manager and owner of the studio. In the last two decades I have made hundreds of recording in various genres. I also work as live engineer and I am the head of the Sound Department at the Örkény István Theatre in Budapest.

You can find a selection of my works here: