Weboldal címe
Weboldal alcíme
Recording, mixing, mastering

In 1995, Etnofon Studio opened in Vasas Cultural Centre in Budapest, soon becoming popular among folk musicians, then classical, jazz, pop and world music productions. Mazura Janos joined the studio in 1998, later becoming the owner. With his experience in acoustic music as well as film & TV sound, voiceovers and 5.1 mixing for concerts and music videos, Janos has made hundreds of recordings; both studio & concert, albums & DVD's.

Being classically trained, Janos’ 30 years as musician & 20 years as engineer brings wisdom to both sides of the glass, with an active and empathetic attitude. Whether new or established, experimental, or historic, Etnofon Studio brings the same high technical and artistic standards!

In 2016 the building of the Vasas Cultural Centre was sold and closed. We all had to move. The studio settled at Mária u. 54 where we can continue or work under similar conditions.

The studio is equipped with excellent microphones and  reliable technical equipment. We also have a Roland XV-88 synthetiser/digital piano and a Sunda cimbalom at the disposal of our clients.