Ágoston Béla with

Frank London

New project with the trumpeter and leader of "Klezmatics". Jazz, klezmer, Hungarian folktunes shaked by Ágoston Béla saxophonist.


Heavy Tuba Experience

The "chamber" version of Heavy Tuba. Tuba and euphonium as horns with jazz quartet.

Orczi Géza - Szabó Zoltán

"Elves and Witches"
Bagpipe, tapan (balkan bass drum) and tuba of course. Tales about witches and fairies and dance tunes from South-East Europe.


I Let The Song...
My first solo CD.

Someday Baby:"Bonus Tracks"
A brand new Cd of our great blues trio



Rens Newland
with the 22nd Line Circus

"Freedom Street Parade"
A new cooperation with the fantastic guitarist, composer, living in Vienna.


Bohém Ragtime Jazzband:

"Early Hungarian Jazz""
Traditional jazz from Hungary.


Heavy Tuba:

"Pictures At An Exhibition"
The latest recording of the band, exciting arrangement of Mussorgsky's work.

Fritz Jazz Swingers:

"Fly So High"
Swingin' with my old friend, József Fritz.



I was founder member of the band. Now they have on other tuba player, but on most of the CD I play with them. A great traditional jazz CD.




Agostones: Dudapest cirkusz
A funny CD of a funny band...

Odessa Klezmer Band:

"Isaac's Dry Tree"
I have joined for one tune than I remained...

Carmina Danubiana:

"At The Foot of Buda Castle"
Memories of the Hunyadi family in the National Folklore

Ágoston Béla:"Meles Meles"

Kiss Ferenc:

"Outlaws Of The City"
I do not have a remarkable row on this CD, but I like it..

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