Etnofon Studio


The Etnofon Studio opened in 1995 in the heart of Budapest. It's warm atmosphere made it very popular soon. Most of our works are folk, jazz and classical recordings and soundtracks for film and theatre. Besides musical recordings we often make sound post production for film and video projects and 5.1 DVD audio mixing.


We use Neumann, AKG and Schoeps microphones, Yamaha digital mixing console and computer recording. We also use outboard Lexicon effect processors and Genelec monitoring system.


The size of the recording studio allows reording of ensembles up to 6-7 members but we are prepared for recordings at any location outside the studio, from music pubs to concert halls, even a symphony orchestra if required.


Mazura János - studio manager


Etnofon Hangstúdió
Budapest 1085 Kőfaragó u. 12
Tel: +36-1-235-0956


Studio images

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