János Mazura

Behind the Console

My career as sound engineer 

started in 1998 when I received my “Tonmeister” diploma at the University of Theatre and Film Studies in Budapest, Hungary. My diploma work was my own solo CD, recorded in the Etnofon Studio, Budapest. Later I became the manager and owner of the studio. In the last 25 years I have made hundreds of recordings in various genres. My portfolio has included not only  most genres of acoustic music: classical, jazz, pop, folk and world music – but voice-over recordings and audio-books as well.

Film and Theatre

entered my life during my university years. Since 1998 I have worked as an on-location sound mixer on film productions. Later on I moved into post-production for feature and documentary films. My first theatre job was at the “Budaörs Theatre” from 2001. In the last two decades I took part in several theatrical and experimental productions. From 2014, I worked as Head of the Sound Department in the Örkény Theatre in Budapest.

Broadcast, live and special recordings

Using my experience in theatre, I have also managed on-location recording of theatrical productions. In 2019 I took part in the design and installation process of the Streaming Studio of the Örkény Theatre. During the pandemic years I mixed several live streams including concerts and theatrical productions. In 2021 I joined the staff of the newly opened House of Music, Hungary as their Head of AV Studios. While working for them, I mixed and recorded hundreds of concerts. Besides studio work I also mixed live concerts in various genres, with an emphasis on acoustic music.


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